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Temperature Sensitivity of Deep Peat Microbial Enzymes Christopher W. Schadt 27-Jul-18 Read
Soil Properties Explain Diversity of Moisture-Driven Microbial Respiration Response Vanessa Bailey 11-Jul-18 Read
Local Heterogeneity of Carbon Accumulation Throughout the Peat Profile of an Ombrotrophic Northern Minnesota Bog Karis McFarlane 04-Jun-18 Read
Simulating the Spatial Variation of Carbon Processes at a Critical Zone Observatory David Eissenstat 02-Jun-18 Read
Spatio-temporal Convergence of Maximum Daily Light-use Efficiency Based on Radiation Absorption by Canopy Chlorophyll Jin Wu 30-May-18 Read
21st Century Tundra Shrubification Could Enhance Net Carbon Uptake of North America Arctic Tundra Under an RCP8.5 Climate Trajectory William J. Riley 25-May-18 Read
Accelerated Nutrient Cycling and Increased Light Competition will Lead to 21st Century Shrub Expansion in North American Arctic Tundra William J. Riley 25-May-18 Read
Patterns in Root:Shoot Ratios in Tropical Forests Across the Globe Jennifer Powers 23-May-18 Read
Soil Microbial Controls on CO2 Fluxes in a Tropical Dry Forest Jennifer Powers 22-May-18 Read
Surviving the Heat: Resilience to Extreme Temperatures Varies by Species Jeffrey M. Warren 11-May-18 Read
Depth-Resolved Physicochemical Characteristics of Active Layer and Permafrost Soils in an Arctic Polygonal Tundra Region Stan D. Wullschleger 11-May-18 Read
Increased Earthworm Density Supports Soil Carbon Storage in a Forest Exposed to Elevated CO2 Yaniria Sanchez-de Leon 30-Apr-18 Read
Drought Drives Rapid Shifts in Tropical Rainforest Soil Biogeochemistry and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Whendee Silver 25-Apr-18 Read
Vulnerability of Amazon Forests to Storm-Driven Tree Mortality Jeffrey Q. Chambers 23-Apr-18 Read
Teasing Out Molecular Details of Arctic Soil Organic Carbon Degradation Under Warming Baohua Gu 23-Apr-18 Read
Reforestation Can Sequester Globally Significant Amounts of Soil Carbon Julie D. Jastrow 09-Apr-18 Read
Ecological Role of Xylem Refilling in Woody Plants Thomas L. Powell 30-Mar-18 Read
An Effective-Medium Model For P-Wave Velocities Of Saturated, Unconsolidated Saline Permafrost Jonathan Ajo-Franklin 26-Mar-18 Read
Soil Moisture Mediates the Effects of Heating, Roots, and Depth on Root Litter Decomposition Margaret Torn 22-Mar-18 Read
Portfolio of Land Use Strategies Can Increase Future Carbon Sequestration in Moist Temperate Forests Beverly Law 19-Mar-18 Read
Rapid remote sensing assessment of impacts from Hurricane Maria on forests of Puerto Rico Jeffrey Chambers 12-Mar-18 Read
Lateral Processes Dominate Control of Water Available to Tropical Forests L. Ruby Leung 08-Mar-18 Read
Plant Water Potential Improves Prediction of Empirical Stomatal Models William R. L. Anderegg 08-Mar-18 Read
Drought-induced mortality patterns and rapid biomass recovery in a terra firme forest in the Colombian Amazon Stuart Davies 08-Mar-18 Read
Vegetation Demographics in Earth System Models: A Review of Progress and Priorities Rosie Fisher 08-Mar-18 Read
Resource acquisition and reproductive strategies of tropical forest in response to the El Niño–Southern Oscillation Matteo Detto 07-Mar-18 Read
Photosynthetic Capacity of Branches Increases During the Dry Season in a Central Amazon Forest Loren Albert 06-Mar-18 Read
Thermodynamic Links Between Substrate, Enzyme, and Microbial Dynamics William J. Riley 28-Feb-18 Read
Forest Lichens May Suffer Changes In Production and Range With Future Environmental Warming Paul J. Hanson 28-Feb-18 Read
An Improved Numerical Method For Solving Depth-Resolved Biogeochemical Models William J. Riley 23-Feb-18 Read
A Challenging Future for Tropical Forests Nate McDowell 16-Feb-18 Read
Community Proteogenomics Reveals the Systemic Impact of Phosphorus Availability on Microbial functions in Tropical Soil Melanie Mayes 06-Feb-18 Read
Soil microbiome in Arctic polygonal tundra unlocked Stan D. Wullschleger 05-Feb-18 Read
Temporal And Spatial Variation In Peatland Carbon Cycling And Implications For Interpreting Responses Of An Ecosystem-Scale Warming Experiment Natalie A. Griffiths 18-Jan-18 Read
The Millennial Model: In Search of Measurable Pools and Transformations for Modeling Soil Carbon in the New Century Rose Abramoff 18-Jan-18 Read
Impacts of microtopographic snow redistribution and lateral subsurface processes in an Arctic polygonal ecosystem William J. Riley 18-Jan-18 Read
Tropical Forest Soil Carbon Stocks Predicted by Nutrients and Roots, not Aboveground Plant Biomass Daniela F Cusack 12-Jan-18 Read
Drought-pathogen interactions and oak tree mortality Lianhong Gu 11-Jan-18 Read
How Plant Roots Take Up Water from Soil Timothy D. Scheibe 11-Jan-18 Read
Inter-annual variability of net and gross ecosystem carbon fluxes Dennis Baldocchi 08-Jan-18 Read
Anaerobic microsites have an unaccounted role in soil carbon stabilization Scott Fendorf 07-Jan-18 Read
Biological processes dominate seasonality of remotely sensed canopy greenness in an Amazon evergreen forest Jin Wu 26-Dec-17 Read
Microtopography Determines Active Layer Depths Responses to Temperature and Precipitation at the NGEE-Arctic’ Barrow Experimental Observatory Sites William J. Riley 21-Dec-17 Read
Microtopography Determines How CO2 and CH4 Exchanges Respond to Temperature and Precipitation at an Arctic Polygonal Tundra Site William J. Riley 21-Dec-17 Read
Soil Carbon Cycle Confidence and Uncertainty Will Wieder 04-Dec-17 Read
Diversity in plant hydraulic traits explains vegetation dynamics in seasonally dry tropical forests David Medvigy 04-Dec-17 Read
Predicting and Planning for Chronic Climate-Driven Disturbances Nate McDowell 28-Nov-17 Read
Hydrogenation of Organic Matter as a Terminal Electron Sink Sustains High CO2:CH4 Production Ratios During Anaerobic Decomposition Joel E. Kostka 20-Nov-17 Read
The Power of Traditional Proxies for Measuring the Soil Carbon Cycle Vanessa Bailey 14-Nov-17 Read
Will Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests Be Sensitive or Resistant to Future Changes in Rainfall Regime? Jennifer Powers 06-Nov-17 Read
Root and rhizosphere bacterial phosphatase activity varies with tree species and soil phosphorus availability in Puerto Rico tropical forest Richard J. Norby 25-Oct-17 Read
Developing a Molecular Picture of Soil Organic Matter-Mineral Interactions Vanessa Bailey 18-Oct-17 Read
Integration of C1 and C2 Metabolism in Trees Kolby J. Jardine 17-Oct-17 Read
Measuring Photosynthesis via the Glow of Plants Lianhong Gu 16-Oct-17 Read
Evaluating the Community Land Model (CLM4.5) at a coniferous forest site in northwestern United States using flux and carbon-isotope measurements James Ehleringer 13-Oct-17 Read
Synthetic Iron (Hydr)Oxide-Glucose Associations In Subsurface Soil: Effects On Decomposability Of Mineral Associated Carbon Margaret S. Torn 12-Oct-17 Read
Microbial Community-Level Regulation Explains Soil Carbon Responses To Long-Term Litter Manipulations Margaret S. Torn 12-Oct-17 Read
Assessing a New Clue to How Much Carbon Plants Take Up J. Elliott Campbell 10-Oct-17 Read
Networking Science to Improve Soil Organic Matter Management Opportunities Ben Bond-Lamberty 05-Oct-17 Read
Quantification of Arctic Soil and Permafrost Properties Using Ground Penetrating Radar and Electrical Resistivity Tomography Datasets Stan D. Wullschleger 05-Oct-17 Read
Coincident Aboveground and Belowground Autonomous Monitoring to Quantify Covariability in Permafrost, Soil, and Vegetation Properties in Arctic Tundra Stan D. Wullschleger 05-Oct-17 Read
Integration of C1 and C2 Metabolism in Trees Kolby J. Jardine 05-Oct-17 Read
Evapotranspiration Across Plant Types And Geomorphological Units In Polygonal Arctic Tundra Naama Raz-Yaseef 05-Oct-17 Read
Tree Hydraulic Acclimation Partially Mitigates Effects Of Warming And Drought Charlotte Grossiord 02-Oct-17 Read
Coupled hydrogeophysical inversion to estimate soil organic carbon content in the Arctic tundra Susan Hubbard 27-Sep-17 Read
An observational benchmark and scaling theory for environmental controls on soil decomposition Charles Koven 27-Sep-17 Read
A Parsimonious Modular Approach to Building a Mechanistic Belowground Carbon and Nitrogen Model Adrien Finzi / Rose Abramoff 26-Sep-17 Read
A Zero Power Warming Chamber for Investigating Plant Responses to Rising Temperature Alistair Rogers 24-Sep-17 Read
Using neutron imaging to measure and modeling poplar root water extraction after drought Jeffrey M Warren 22-Sep-17 Read
Electrical And Seismic Response Of Saline Permafrost Soil During Freeze — Thaw Transition Yuxin Wu 21-Sep-17 Read
Large Uncertainty in Permafrost Carbon Stocks Due to Hillslope Soil Deposits Joel C. Rowland 20-Sep-17 Read
A new approach to represent multi-consumer, multi-species soil biogeochemical reactions for Earth System Models William J. Riley 07-Sep-17 Read
Terrestrial Biosphere Models Underestimate Photosynthetic Capacity and CO2 Assimilation in the Arctic Alistair Rogers 06-Sep-17 Read
Variations Of Leaf Longevity In Tropical Moist Forests Predicted By A Trait-Driven Carbon Optimality Model Jin Wu 01-Sep-17 Read
Dual Role of Microorganisms in Soil Organic Matter Dynamics Julie D. Jastrow 23-Aug-17 Read
Flooding Determines Seasonality in Sphagnum Moss Photosynthesis Anthony P. Walker 02-Aug-17 Read
Global Photosynthesis Modeling is Stymied by Competing Hypotheses on Scaling of Plant Traits Anthony P. Walker 02-Aug-17 Read
A Metadata Reporting Framework (FRAMES) for Synthesis of Ecohydrological Observations Danielle S. Christianson 26-Jul-17 Read
FATES Integrations with ACME Model Charles Koven 24-Jul-17 Read
A Multi-species Synthesis of Physiological Mechanisms in Drought-induced Tree Mortality Nate McDowell 15-Jul-17 Read
Rapid Characterization of Northern Cold-Region Soil Organic Matter Julie D. Jastrow 07-Jul-17 Read
International Space Station Observations Offer Insights Into Plant Function Shawn Serbin 26-Jun-17 Read
A Direct Measure Of Basin-Wide Evaporation And Transpiration From The Amazon Rainforest Charles Koven 23-Jun-17 Read
Fine-Root Growth in a Forested Bog is Seasonally Dynamic, But Shallowly Distributed in Nutrient-Poor Peat Environments Colleen M. Iversen 12-Jun-17 Read
Enabling Remote Prediction of Leaf Age in Tropical Forest Canopies Alistair Rogers 11-Jun-17 Read
Partitioning Controls on Tropical Evergreen Forest Photosynthesis across Timescales Alistair Rogers 11-Jun-17 Read
Phosphorus Feedbacks May Constrain Tropical Ecosystem Responses To Changes In Atmospheric CO2 Xiaojuan Yang 11-Jun-17 Read
Tropical Tree Photosynthesis And Nutrients: The Model-Data Connection Richard J. Norby 11-Jun-17 Read
Mechanical Vulnerability And Resistance To Snapping And Uprooting For Central Amazon Tree Species G.H.P.M. Ribeiro 11-Jun-17 Read
Landscape-Scale Consequences Of Differential Tree Mortality From Catastrophic Wind Disturbance In The Amazon Sami W. Rifai 11-Jun-17 Read
Monoterpene ‘Themometer’ of Tropical Forest-Atmosphere Response of High Temperature Stress Kolby Jardine 11-Jun-17 Read
Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds In Amazonian Ecosystems Kolby J. Jardine 11-Jun-17 Read
Variation In Stem Mortality Rates Determines Patterns Of Above-Ground Biomass In Amazonian Forests: Implications For Dynamic Global Vegetation Models Brad Christoffersen 11-Jun-17 Read
Retention Of Stored Water Enables Tropical Tree Saplings To Survive Extreme Drought Conditions Brett Wolfe 11-Jun-17 Read
Do Dynamic Global Vegetation Models Capture The Seasonality Of Carbon Fluxes In The Amazon Basin? A Data-Model Intercomparison Brad Christoffersen 11-Jun-17 Read
Aboveground Biomass Variability Across Intact and Degraded Forests in the Brazilian Amazon Michael Keller 11-Jun-17 Read
Long Term Decomposition: The Influence Of Litter Type And Soil Horizon On Retention Of Plant Carbon And Nitrogen In Soils Margaret S. Torn 05-Jun-17 Read
A Trait-Based Plant Hydraulics Model For Tropical Forests Brad Christoffersen 02-Jun-17 Read
The Role Of Nutrients In Drought-Induced Mortality And Recovery Nate McDowell 02-Jun-17 Read
Improving Predictions of Heterotrophic Respiration Ben Bond-Lamberty 02-Jun-17 Read
Pragmatic Hydraulic Theory Predicts Stomatal Responses To Climatic Water Deficits Nate McDowell 02-Jun-17 Read
Patterns Of Tree Mortality In A Temperate Deciduous Forest Derived From A Large Forest Dynamics Plot Stuart Davies 02-Jun-17 Read
The Energetic And Carbon Economic Origins Of Leaf Thermoregulation Nate McDowell 02-Jun-17 Read
Shifts in Biomass and Productivity for a Subtropical Dry Forest in Response to Simulated Elevated Hurricane Disturbances Jeffrey Q. Chambers 02-Jun-17 Read
Linking Microbial Community Composition To Carbon Loss Rates During Wood Decomposition Chonggang Xu 02-Jun-17 Read
Using MODIS Weekly Evapotranspiration to Monitor Drought Nate McDowell 02-Jun-17 Read
A Belowground Perspective On The Drought Sensitivity Of Forests: Towards Improved Model Predictions And Management Prescriptions Nate McDowell 02-Jun-17 Read
Can Models Predict Grassland Responses to Environment? Anthony Walker 24-May-17 Read
The FLUXNET2015 Dataset Margaret S. Torn 23-May-17 Read
Ecological Role of Hydraulic Traits of Amazon Rainforest Trees Thomas L. Powell 19-May-17 Read
PeRL: A Circum-Arctic Permafrost Region Pond and Lake Database William J. Riley, Charlie Koven 12-May-17 Read
A Global Trait-Based Approach to Estimate Leaf Nitrogen Functional Allocations from Observations William J. Riley 09-May-17 Read
Tundra Carbon Losses With Rapid Permafrost Thaw Ted Schuur 08-May-17 Read
Building A Better Foundation: Improving Root-Trait Measurements To Understand And Model Plant And Ecosystem Processes M. Luke McCormack 03-May-17 Read
Temperate Forest Methane Sink Diminished By Tree Emissions Patrick Megonigal 25-Apr-17 Read
Mapping Snow Depth Within A Tundra Ecosystem Using Multiscale Observations And Bayesian Methods Stan D. Wullschleger 18-Apr-17 Read
The Phenology Of Leaf Quality And Its Variation Are Essential For Accurate Modeling Of Photosynthesis In Tropical Evergreen Forests Jin Wu 18-Apr-17 Read
Global Photosynthesis on the Rise Elliott Campbell 04-Apr-17 Read
The Whole-soil Carbon Flux in Response to Warming: Soils Could Release Much More Carbon Than Expected as Climate Warms Margaret S. Torn 15-Mar-17 Read
A Global Fine-Root Ecology Database to Address Belowground Challenges in Plant Ecology Colleen M. Iversen 09-Mar-17 Read
An ecosystem-scale, experimental system to study whole-ecosystem-warming was documented Paul J. Hanson 24-Feb-17 Read
Plant-Mycorrhizal Interactions Influence Coexistence Patterns in Plants Aimee T. Classen 14-Feb-17 Read
Bacteria Living Within Plant Roots Affect Where and How Plants Allocate Carbon for Growth Aimee T. Classen 14-Feb-17 Read
Climate Warming Could Cause Plants and Soils to Become Out of Sync on Mountaintops Globally Aimee T. Classen 14-Feb-17 Read
Windthrow Variability in Central Amazonia William J. Riley 10-Feb-17 Read
Observational Needs for Estimating Alaskan Soil Carbon Stocks under Current and Future Climate Julie D. Jastrow 30-Jan-17 Read
Differences in Soluble Organic Carbon Chemistry in Pore Waters Sampled from Different Pore Size Domains Vanessa Bailey 13-Jan-17 Read
How Moisture Affects the Way Soil Microbes Breathe Vanessa Bailey 11-Jan-17 Read
Large CO2 and CH4 Emissions from Polygonal Tundra During Spring Thaw in Northern Alaska Naama Raz-Yaseef 09-Jan-17 Read
Seedling Responses to Climate Warming May Slow Tree Advance Upslope Lara M. Kueppers 19-Dec-16 Read
Under-utilized Soil Respiration Data Offer Novel Ways to Constrain and Improve Models Ben Bond-Lamberty 30-Nov-16 Read
A Roadmap for Improving the Representation of Photosynthesis in Earth System Models Alistair Rogers 28-Nov-16 Read
Temperature Response of Soil Respiration Largely Unaltered with Experimental Warming Scott D. Bridgham 16-Nov-16 Read
Dynamic Vertical Profiles of Peat Porewater Chemistry in a Northern Peatland Natalie Griffiths 25-Oct-16 Read
Vertical Transport of Greenhouse Gases through the Nocturnal Atmospheric Boundary Layer David Werth 17-Oct-16 Read
A Belowground Perspective On Forest Drought Offers Improved Predictions for Managing Climate Change Impacts Paul J. Hanson 14-Oct-16 Read
Coupled simulations of surface and subsurface thermal hydrology in permafrost-affected regions Scott L. Painter 07-Oct-16 Read
The Alaska Arctic Vegetation Archive (AVA-AK) Amy L. Breen 30-Sep-16 Read
Radiocarbon constraints imply reduced carbon uptake by soils during the 21st century Margaret Torn 26-Sep-16 Read
Aquatic Plants Accelerate Arctic Methane Emissions Christian G. Andresen 22-Sep-16 Read
Global model improved by incorporating new hypothesis for vegetation nutrient limitation, supported by field experiment Peter E. Thornton 21-Sep-16 Read
Biogeochemical modeling of CO2 and CH4 production in anoxic Arctic soil microcosms Peter E. Thornton 21-Sep-16 Read
Human-induced greening of the northern extratropical land surface Jiafu Mao 21-Sep-16 Read
An observational constraint on stomatal function in forests: evaluating coupled carbon and water vapor exchange with carbon isotopes in the Community Land Model (CLM4.5) David R. Bowling 20-Sep-16 Read
Model Guided Field Experiments: Ecosystem CO2 Responses in an Australian Eucalypt Woodland Anthony Walker 20-Sep-16 Read
Strong Regional Atmospheric 14C Signature of Respired CO2 Observed from a Tall Tower over the Midwestern United States Brian LaFranchi 19-Sep-16 Read
Assessing the Challenges and Benefits of an Online ‘Open Experiment’ Ben Bond-Lamberty 13-Sep-16 Read
A multi-scale comparison of modeled and observed seasonal methane emissions in northern wetlands William J. Riley 13-Sep-16 Read
Community-level flux methods provide a foundation for understanding bog carbon cycle warming responses Paul J. Hanson 01-Sep-16 Read
Influences and Interactions of Inundation, Peat, and Snow and Active Layer Thickness Adam Atchley 15-Aug-16 Read
Shrubs Accelerate Wetland Water Loss Brian Benscoter 01-Aug-16 Read
Slow Ecosystem Responses Conditionally Regulate Annual Carbon Balance Over 15 Years in Californian Oak-Grass Savanna Dennis Baldocchi 26-Jul-16 Read
Potential Carbon Emissions Dominated by Carbon Dioxide from Thawed Permafrost Soils Colleen M. Iversen 20-Jul-16 Read


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