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PI-Submitted Research Highlights for
Terrestrial Ecosystem Science Program

DOE TES Researchers:
Submit Your Research Highlight!

Tell us about your research! This system is designed to collect brief science highlights describing published research supported by the Terrestrial Ecosystem Science (TES) program within DOE’s Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER). For each highlight, you will be asked to submit a plain language research summary, a PDF of the publication, and a PDF of the BER highlight slide (slide examples).

UPDATE: (7/2020) Your publication manuscript must be in the DOE Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science (DOE PAGES) database before you can submit a highlight. For guidance on how to obtain a DOE PAGES record for your publication, go to the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) website ( and click on “FAQs”.

To assist in preparing your highlight, the DOE Office of Science has developed a succinct description of how to write a research summary for a nontechnical audience and what it should contain. It provides an example of the difference between an abstract from a scientific publication and a plain language research summary. This valuable two-page description could also be used by a PI to develop a verbal description of the work contained in their publication for a general audience.

Once submitted, these science highlights are (1) used by the TES program management team as part of regular efforts to inform senior BER and DOE Office of Science management of the importance and impact of TES-supported research; (2) posted on the TES website to inform other TES-supported researchers of important recently published work; (3) submitted to BER’s science highlights archive; (4) considered for use in TES, Climate and Environmental Sciences Division, and BER outreach and communication materials; and (5) used for other scientific outreach and communication purposes [e.g., posted on the Office of Science highlights website].


To edit or delete a previous submission, please contact the administrators.

Checklist and Instructions

Please have the following information ready.

NOTE: Please use only letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens in filenames (examples: file_HL-123_myname.docx, file_pub-123_myname.pdf, file_IMG-123_myname.jpg).

  1. Highlight as a Word document. (required) Create highlight using this new template before beginning form.
  2. A PowerPoint file of the BER highlight slide. slide examples
  3. Classifications
    1. Type of research performer (e.g., SFA or university collaborator)
    2. Funding source(s)
    3. User facility used and which capabilities
    4. List software or codes used or advanced
  4. PDF of journal publication (required)), including a DOE PAGES link to your publication record (required).
  5. Image (less than 10 Mb)
    For each image, please include a caption, along with source and copyright information. Image file size must be less than 10 Mb. Images can be either TIFF, PNG, or JPG formats. Ideally, resolution is 300 dpi, >150 dpi is acceptable. Source information should answer: Where did it originate? Who owns the rights? Has it been used in a journal? Does the PI give permission for it to be used in the highlights database? Permission for other BER uses?
  6. Comments, Questions, and Submitter Information
    Include any additional information here. These comments will not be included in the highlight but will be communicated to the program managers. Please include the name and email address of submitter.

The submission form provides mechanisms for uploading the Word file of the highlight along with both images and PDFs of journal articles and BER slide associated with the highlight. Note that the journal publication PDF and at least one image are required for each highlight submission.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the administrators.


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