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Subsurface Biogeochemical Research Program

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New Approach to Predict Flow and Transport Processes in Fractured Rock uses Causal Modeling Susan Hubbard 16-May-18 Read
Spring Snowmelt Drives Transport and Degradation of Dissolved Organic Matter in a Semi-Arid Floodplain Susan Hubbard 16-May-18 Read
Berkeley Lab Researchers Identify New Microbial Players in the Global Sulfur Cycle Susan Hubbard 11-May-18 Read
Improving Accuracy of Subsurface Flow and Transport Models Alex Tartakovsky 28-Mar-18 Read
Making Sense of Chromium Migration and Immobilization at the River’s Edge Tim Scheibe 21-Mar-18 Read
Clarifying Rates of Methylmercury Production Scott Brooks 16-Feb-18 Read
Simulating Interactions among River Water, Groundwater and Land Surfaces by Coupling Different Models Maoyi Huang 15-Feb-18 Read
How Shoreline Vegetation Protects Sediment-Bound Carbon Emily Graham 15-Feb-18 Read
Microbial “hotspots” and organic rich sediments are key determinants of nitrogen cycling in a riparian corridor Susan S. Hubbard 14-Feb-18 Read
Modeling the Flow of Fluids through Microfluidic Devices Alexandre Tartakovsky 05-Jan-18 Read
Characterization of Natural Organic Matter in Low-Carbon Sediments Susan Hubbard 10-Nov-17 Read
A regional model for uranium redox state and mobility in the environment John Bargar 25-Oct-17 Read
Thermodynamic preservation of carbon in anoxic environments John Bargar 24-Oct-17 Read
Incorporation of Arsenic into Magnetite Reduces Arsenic Mobility in Water Kenneth M. Kemner 20-Oct-17 Read
First Measurements of Dark Reactive Oxygen Species in a Groundwater Aquifer Peter S. Nico 05-Oct-17 Read
Comparison of Electrostatic and Non-Electrostatic Models for U(VI) Sorption on Aquifer Sediments Haruko Wainwright 18-Sep-17 Read
Modeling Across Multiple Scales to Enable System-Level Understanding of a Watershed Ahmad Jan and Scott Painter 21-Jul-17 Read
Building Confidence in Hydrologic Models Ethan Coon 13-Jul-17 Read
Sorption to Organic Matter Controls Uranium Mobility John Bargar 13-Apr-17 Read

A Novel Iron-Loving Bacterium from the Deep Subsurface

Kenneth M. Kemner 20-Feb-17 Read
Clay Minerals and Metal Oxides Can Change How Uranium Travels Through Sediments Kenneth M. Kemner 03-Feb-17 Read

Managing Complexity in Simulations of Land Surface and Near-surface Processes

Ethan T. Coon 08-Aug-16 Read

Reconciling Observations and Global Models of Terrestrial Water Fluxes

Reed Maxwell 14-Jul-16 Read

Uranium Accumulated in Anoxic Sediments Threatens Groundwater Quality at Contaminated DOE sites

John Bargar 12-Jul-16 Read

New Molecular Insights into the Structural Mechanism of Uraninite (UO2) Oxidation

John Bargar 08-Jul-16 Read

Potential for Reoxidation of Iron-Chromium Precipitates by Manganese Oxide

Elizabeth C. Butler 08-Jan-16 Read

Colloid Deposit Morphology Controls Permeability in Porous Media

Eric J. Roth 16-Nov-15 Read

Microbes use tiny magnets as batteries

James M. Bryne 30-Apr-15 Read

Immobilization of heavy metals via two parallel pathways during in-situ bioremediation

Youneng Tang 15-Apr-15 Read


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