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Hits are all accesses for all files (text and graphics) on the website. Often used as a measure of a site's popularity but can be artificially inflated by large numbers of graphics and other 'tricks'. Page views are accesses for text files only; a better measure of the website than total hits. Visitor Sessions are the number of times visitors accessed the site. Average Session Length measures the average amount of time a visitor spent on the site. Higher numbers indicate more extensive use of the site.


  • April 2016 new statistical analysis program brought online. Hits no longer reported.
  • DOE Genomics stats archived April 2016 (site still active)
  • New Biology archived October 2014
  • Medical Sciences archived October 2014
  • Microbial Genome Program archived October 2014
  • Artificial Retina archived February 2012
  • September 2014 databased sites down for about two weeks
  • Microbial Cell Project (discontinued September 2006; moved to archive on MGP)
  • Integrated Assessment (discontinued)
  • No December 2004 or October 2005 stats available for the HGPI website (corrupted file).
  • No May 2005 stats available for New Biology (corrupted file).
  • Microbial Genomics Gateway discontinued Aug-Sept 2004; replaced by Microbial Genome Program website.
  • Microbial Genome Program changed to new URL Aug-Sept 2004.