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Transcriptome Analysis Pipeline for RNA-Seq Data

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The 2010 DOE Systems Biology Knowledgebase Implementation Plan describes scientific objectives the Knowledgebase will support in microbial, plant, and metacommunity research areas. Illustrated in this figure is an example workflow for plant scientific objective 2, Assemble Regulatory Omics Data for Target Plant Species in Common Platforms to Enable Analysis, Comparisons, and Modeling. White boxes represent established procedures. The green box represents a procedure yet to be developed but expected to be easily constructed. The red box is a procedure that will require research efforts. Blue boxes depict linkages to existing and improved annotation sources, and purple boxes depict linkages to the other near- and mid-term plant objectives identified in the implementation plan (see Sections 3.1 and 5.3, respectively).

Credit or Source: Office of Biological and Environmental Research of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science.


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