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Image: Cellular Systems for Diverse National Needs (Shewanella)

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Cellular Systems for Diverse National Needs (Shewanella)

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Shewanella oneidensis cells can reduce uranium and metals in contaminated environments. Guided by the biological information encoded within genome sequences, we can begin to identify, understand, re-engineer, and harness specific cellular systems for energy production, environmental remediation, and other national needs.

Credit or Source: Shewanella oneidensis image by Rizlan Bencheikh and Bruce Arey, Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, DOE Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.


US DOE. 2009. New Frontiers in Characterizing Biological Systems: Report from the May 2009 Workshop, DOE/SC-0121, US Department of Energy Office of Science. (website)

Prepared by the Biological and Environmental Research Information System, Oak Ridge National Laboratory,