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Mission and Functions of the Office of Analysis (HS-24)

(Reports to the Office of Environmental Protection, Sustainability Support & Corporate Safety Analysis)


The Office of Operational Analysis provides analysis of Department of Energy (DOE)-wide performance in protecting the public, the workers and the environment while performing the missions of DOE. This analysis is valued in corporate decision-making and synthesizes operational information to support continuous environment, safety and health (ES&H) improvement across the DOE complex.


  • Manages and directs corporate ES&H analyses to support line management decision-making by identifying ES&H performance issues as well as areas of good or improving performance.
  • Ensures meaningful and easily understood assessments of the Department's overall effectiveness in protecting the public, the worker, and the environment are produced in a timely manner and communicated to senior management.
  • Thru analysis identify and communicate trends in ES&H performance and candidate areas for entry into the corporate issues management process or outliers in performance.
  • Provides analysis to determine the effectiveness of actions to address cross cutting ES&H issues.
  • Provides a focal point for crosscutting ES&H performance information. Coordinates, validates, and distributes statutory, regulatory and executive order-mandates and corporate ES&H reports.
  • Ensures active liaison with Federal agencies, private industry, and international organizations on performance measures.
  • Conducts event reviews to validate or improve the investigation, evaluation, and reporting of occurrences and the dissemination of lessons learned.
  • Provides operational data analysis in support of other organizations including inspections conducted by the Office of Safety and Emergency Management.
  • Provides input to ES&H policy on opportunities to enhance protection for workers, public and environment from the hazards associated with DOE operations based on the results of analysis.

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