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Mission and Functions of the Office of Corporate Safety Programs (HS-23)

(Reports to the Office of Environmental Protection, Sustainability Support & Corporate Safety Analysis)


The Office of Mission Support Programs manages the maintenance and implementation of mission support programs and processes.


  • Provides a Department-wide focal point for crosscutting ES&H compliance/performance information. Coordinates, validates, and distributes statutory, regulatory and executive order-mandated corporate ES&H reports.
  • Maintains the corporate ES&H issues management process and ensures effective implementation. Manages the Corrective Action Management Program (CAMP) that delineates requirements and guidance for addressing and effectively resolving findings identified by Independent Oversight; Type A Accident Investigations; aviation management and safety assessments; and other assessments, as directed by the Secretary or Deputy Secretary.
  • Manages and conducts the Federal Employee Occupational Safety and Health (FEOSH) Program for the protection of Federal employees of HSS, and promotes the implementation of FEOSH programs in other offices at DOE Headquarters.
  • Leads the Department's Human Performance Improvement and Behavior Based Safety efforts and coordinates associated training, through the Deputy Chief for Corporate Functions, with the National Training Center.
  • Manages, maintains and improves the interface between various reporting and tracking systems. This includes Occurrence Reporting and Processing System, Computerized Accident/Incident Reporting System, Radiation Exposure Monitoring System and Workers Compensation Reporting to the Department of Labor.
  • Manages the Department accident investigation program including: maintaining standards, assisting with Type A Investigations and supporting Type B Investigations as requested, and working with the National Training Center to provide training.
  • Provides and maintains a DOE commercial standards subscription service.
  • Maintains nuclear facilities safety basis database that is available to the public.
  • Maintains and files a list of DOE facilities with OSHA to which DOE will not exercise its occupational safety and health regulatory authority.
  • Maximize the sharing and efficient use of data and information by developing and managing a centralized repository that integrates ES&H data and information.
  • Develops and maintains an on-line database of industry standards, programs, policies and activities.
  • Develops recommendations for the Deputy Chief for Mission Support Operations and the Chief Health, Safety and Security Officer regarding requests for waivers of the requirement to conduct Type A or Type B accident investigations.
  • Based on feedback from effectiveness reviews, line management assessments, and independent oversight, evaluates the effectiveness of implementing quality assurance requirements in accomplishing the Department's goals and recommends improvements.
  • Assists the National Training Center in the development of training related to quality assurance requirements and programs.
  • Coordinates HSS support to the Headquarters Emergency Operations Center (EOC), including supporting the HSS point-of-contact for the EOC and to the Department of Homeland Security including the Energy Desk Duty Officer.
  • Supports the National Training Center in the development of training on the corporate issues management process and issues management techniques.

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