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Mission and Functions of the Office of Sustainability Support (HS-21)

(Reports to the Office of Environmental Protection, Sustainability Support & Corporate Safety Analysis)


The Office of Sustainability Support serves as HSS's organizational lead in partnering with the Department's Sustainability Performance Office to support the understanding and implementation of sustainability programs and requirements within the Department. The Office, in partnership with the Sustainability Performance Office, works proactively with headquarters and field offices to foster continuous improvement and shape behavior to enhance Departmental strategic direction and commitments on sustainability. The Office serves as a corporate technical assistance, coordination, and integration resource to support line organizations in the resolution of sustainability issues and management concerns. In addition, the Office provides high-quality, customer-oriented assistance that supports improved DOE program and field implementation of sustainability programs.


  • Partners with the Sustainability Performance Office, supporting its role as corporate sustainability lead within the Department.
  • Provides leadership and partners with other HSS offices in developing integrated strategies for evaluating cross-cutting sustainability issues with line management to determine the extent of issues, their causes, and actions needed to achieve sustainability goals.
  • Maintains a cadre of technical experts and provides assistance to Headquarters and field organizations in understanding how to effectively and efficiently implement the Department's sustainability requirements and related external requirements
  • Identifies Department-wide sustainability assistance needs and opportunities. Supports communication and information exchange networks to identify site-specific as well as systemic assistance needs, prioritize assistance activities, and address needs through direct interface with customers and stakeholders.
  • Develops and maintains Departmental policy, requirements, guidance, and standards relating to environmental management systems and the integration of environmental management systems with Integrated Safety Management.
  • Provides assistance to headquarters and field organizations on implementing Environmental Management Systems within Integrated Safety Management.
  • Develops policy and provides guidance and tools to assist in preventing pollution and minimizing waste within DOE operations.
  • Represents the Department, as designated, in interagency steering committees and working groups on Federal environmental leadership initiatives, including the Interagency Environmental Leadership Workgroup, Sustainable Acquisition and Materials Management Workgroup, Federal Electronics Stewardship Working Group and Federal Environmental Stewardship and Compliance Assistance Center Advisory Board.
  • Interfaces with domestic and international organizations, and tracks development and trends in new sustainability-related design, construction, operating, and protection standards adopted or being considered for use in both the domestic and international industries.
  • Provides technical support to DOE's Senior Sustainability Officer and Sustainability Performance Office on Departmental efforts in implementing and reporting on Federal "greening the government" initiatives.
  • Develops and maintains Departmental guidance related to air and water quality protection and waste management. Provides guidance and assistance on compliance with newly promulgated Clean Air Act (CAA) regulations and with the review of proposed CAA regulations applicable to DOE operations
  • Develops guidance and coordinates activities to implement DOE's natural and cultural resource management programs, including activities affecting Indian Tribal cultural resource sites and items consistent with Federal laws and regulations.
  • Partners with the Department's National Training Center in developing user-friendly training and assistance materials and tools.
  • Maintains a clearinghouse of internet-based guidance and assistance resources and tools, and lessons-learned, as a corporate resource for line management operations.
  • Partners with national and international industry groups and organizations to keep apprised of state-of-the-art practices and initiatives that could facilitate continuous improvement and excellence in line management operations.

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