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Environmental Training

We develop and conduct various environmental-related training courses to help DOE and contractor personnel understand and comply with new Federal environmental regulatory programs.

DOE Order 436.1, Departmental Sustainability

E.O. 13514

DOE O 450.1A Environmental Protection Program

Green House Gases

Electronics Stewardship

Green Buildings

Green Computing

Green Chemical Management

High Performance Sustainable Building Presentations

Radiation Training and Presentations

Risk Assessment


The following are on-line workshops:


  • Information for Use in Integrating Environmental Management Systems (EMS) into Integrated Safety Management Systems (ISMS). This document is being provided for information purposes only. It is being used to develop DOE G 450.1-1, Implementation Guide For Use With DOE Order 450.1: Environmental Protection Program. While the Guide is in final preparation prior to issuance into the REVCOM system, the information herein is being made available to those planning to, or in the process of, integrating an EMS into their ISMS.
  • Environmental Management Systems Primer for Federal Facilities (DOE/EH-0573). This guide is designed to help Federal managers who are considering adopting an environmental management system (EMS). Properly implemented, an EMS can reduce support costs and improve productivity while advancing environmental protection and performance. It can put Federal environmental management practices on the same level as those of America's best-run corporations. And it can do so in visible ways that will be recognized by stakeholders inside and outside a Federal agency.

Other Materials

Training courses are offered at locations throughout the DOE complex. Student notebooks or table of contents are available for the following courses:

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