Safety Analysis Report for Packaging (SARP)
Shielding/Criticality Safety Generalist and Analyst Courses
Developed and Conducted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Course Information

Important Dates

SARP Generalist Course: June 4-8, 2018
Registration Closes: May 11, 2018

SARP Analyst Course: Sept 17-21, 2018
Registration Closes: August 24, 2018

Radioactive Material Package Shielding Evaluation

and Nuclear Criticality Safety Evaluation Training:

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Packaging Certification Program (PCP), Office of Packaging and Transportation, is offering Safety Analysis Report for Packaging (SARP) shielding and nuclear criticality safety (NCS) courses for SARP generalists and analysts.

A SARP Generalist Course is available that is designed for project managers, supervisors, NCS/shielding subject matter experts (SME), or SMEs in non-NCS/shielding technical areas (e.g., structural, thermal, package design, etc.) who need to better understand how the NCS/shielding analyses fit in the broader SARP documentation. Specifically, the Generalist Course provides an overview of the regulations and guidelines for the criticality and shielding analysis for a SARP, and the course shows how the NCS/shielding chapters integrate with the other parts of the SARP. Students in the Generalist Course will review an actual SARP document after the course material is presented to emphasize the key elements of the shielding and criticality analyses. The next SARP Generalist Course is scheduled for June 5-9, 2017 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN.

A SARP Analysts Course is also available that provides detailed instruction on the radioactive material package shielding analyses and NCS evaluation fundamentals needed by analysts/practitioners (i.e., safety analysts and/or technical reviewers) to prepare and/or review technical analyses for the SARP documentation. The Analyst Course also provides an overview of regulations and guidelines in addition to detailed in-class exercises associated with the package shielding and NCS analyses. With regard to the in-class exercises, analysis teams will be faced with “staged” SARP examples in which a number of important decision processes in the generation of a SARP will be demonstrated and discussed. A SARP Analyst Course is scheduled for September 18-22, 2017 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN.

A SARP course information booklet complete with an outline of both courses can be downloaded here.

Please contact the course coordinator, Douglas G. Bowen, at (865) 576-0315.