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(Notice that the registration of the neutrino workshop is separate from NS2016)

The neutrino workshop will start on the afternoon of Friday 29th and end by noon on Sunday 31st.

The workshop will host a mixture of invited and contributed talks as well as a poster session. We anticipate that in the long term, this workshop may develop into a periodic meeting.

The primary goal of this workshop is to identify areas of opportunity and common interest between various scientific communities (NP-HEP-Astro-Data). We would highlight some of the current activities taking place at ORNL or with our involvement and will provide a forum to bring together experts from diverse backgrounds in order to identify areas of common interest, and present possible pathways for future collaborations.

The scientific program will include topics such as: low-energy neutrino physics, including solar and supernova neutrinos; nuclear astrophysics, small- and mid-scale projects, neutrinoless double beta decay studies, absolute neutrino mass measurements, mixing, sterile neutrinos, interactions of neutrinos with matter at low and high energy, coherent elastic scattering of neutrinos from nuclei, experimental investigations of the weak interaction in neutrino processes, neutrinos and nucleosynthesis in hot and dense matter, theoretical needs and new detection technologies, isotopic enrichment, determination of matrix elements using nuclear reactions, studies of beta decay of fission fragments using total absorption spectrometers, decay heat in nuclear reactors and nuclear data and in general a discussion on the role of nuclear physicists in enabling and interpreting experiments that utilize reactors and radioactive sources.

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Confirmed Speakers:

(Update July 5, 2016 )

Aleksandra Fijalkowska (Warsaw) – New results  from MTAS and the impact on the reactor anomaly

John P. Schiffer (ANL) - Nuclear Properties and Symmetries Relevant to Neutrino Studies: an Experimenter’s Views

Sowjanya Gollapinni (Tennessee) - Neutrino-nucleus interactions with LArTPCs

Jonathan Engel (UNC) – The future of double-beta decay calculations

A. Baha Balantekin (Madison) - Neutrinos in Physics and Astrophysics

Francesco Cappuzzello (Catania) - The nuclear matrix elements of neutrino-less double beta decay decay and the NUMEN project at INFN-LNS

Osvaldo Civitarese (La Plata) - Extracting information from 0νββ decay and LHC pp-cross sections: Limits on the left-right mixing angle and right-handed boson mass

Juan Collar (Chicago) - Development of detectors sensitive to coherent neutrino-nucleus scattering

Manfred Lindner (MPIK, Heidelberg) - Lepton number violating decays: Theoretical and experimental challenges

Jie Meng (PKU) - Systematic study of nuclear matrix elements in neutrinoless double beta decay in a beyond mean-field covariant density functional theory

Bryce Littlejohn (Illinois Institute of Technology) - Recent absolute reactor spectrum measurements.

Dieter Frekers (Munster) - A novel low-background in-trap decay spectroscopy setup developed for the observation of the weak electron-capture branching ratios of the intermediate nuclei in double-beta decay.

Alejandro Garcia (Univ. of Washington) - Using Cyclotron Radiation Spectroscopy in Searches for Chirality Flipping Interactions

Tom Kieck (Mainz) - Neutrino Mass Determination by Electron Capture in Holmium-163 – ECHo

Jorge G. Morfin (FERMILAB) - Neutrino-nucleus interactions

Charlie Rasco (Tennessee) - beta and beta-n decays of 137Xe and 137I studied with the Modular Total Absorption Spectrometer and their influence on nuclear reactor decay heat and the antineutrino_e reactor anomaly

Kate Scholberg (Duke) – Coherent neutrino scattering

Pinghan Chu (LANL) -The Status and Initial Results of the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Experiment

Robert Mills (Sellafield, UK) - Preliminary modelling of the anti-neutrino production from a Magnox reactor

Michael Febbraro (ORNL) -The 13C(α,n)16O reaction: A background source for underground astrophysics measurements and geo-neutrino measurements.

Alejandro Sonzogni (BNL) - Improvements in the Summation Method to Calculate Nuclear Reactors Antineutrino Spectra

Toshio Suzuki (Nihon University) - Neutrino-nucleus reaction cross sections for neutrino detection and nucleosynthesis in supernova explosions

Robert de Meijer (Western Cape, South Africa) - Reactor status effects on nuclear beta decay

Andrew Stuchbery (ANU) - Overview of our progress toward the Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory in Australia