CNMS User Meeting 2016
August 9-12
Oak Ridge, TN

Workshop 3

Direct Write Nanofabrication: From 3D CAD to Function

August 12, 2016


Organizer(s): Nick Lavrik, Jason Fowlkes, Adam Rondinone

The tutorial will present the main principles behind direct write fabrication using 2-photon polymerization while also demonstrating the step-by-step process of creating intricate 3D elements with various targeted functionalities.  

Over the last decade, the direct laser write (DLW) techniques based on 2-photon polymerization have matured into user friendly commercially available tools that extend the concept of additive manufacturing into the nanoscale.  Examples of such tools include a Photonic Professional GT system (Nanoscribe GmbH) that enables a researcher with facile and flexible means of fabricating arbitrary complex 3D elements with submicron fidelity.

The workshop will demonstrate how to implement several types of functional elements starting with their 3D models compiled and evaluated in COMSOL. The participants will have an opportunity to follow a step-by-step process of compiling a 3D CAD model, preparing the CAD files for DLW and implementing them using the Photonic Professional GT tool.       

We will also discuss the different direct write technologies available within the nanofabrication research lab focusing on their integration with more conventional wafer level processing. In particular, pulsed laser irradiation capabilities, equipped on both the Zeiss Nanolab and FEI Nova microscopes, will be overviewed.  For example, near IR (915nm), pulsed laser irradiation facilitates micrometer scale, localized heating which is compatible with simultaneous electron and ion nanofabrication.

Needed Material: Participants are encouraged to prepare and bring COMSOL or STL files of their choice.