CNMS User Meeting 2016
August 9-12
Oak Ridge, TN

RidgeDance NanoScience Film Festival
Call for Content

Deadline for submission: August 1, 2016

The CNMS is planning to present the 10th edition of the RidgeDance NanoScience Film Festival during its 2016 User Week. The festival features entertaining, short videos depicting nanoscience research submitted by CNMS users, meeting attendees, colleagues abroad, and CNMS staff. (See 2014 RidgeDance program here.) You are invited to submit a video for the festival as described below. The submission deadline is midnight, August 1, but if you have a late submission please email Chris Rouleau to ask whether it can still be accepted. In fact, please contact Chris as early as you can to discuss your idea, intent, etc.

  1. Please assist our planning by letting us know of your intention (not binding) to submit media for the RidgeDance '16 NanoScience Film Festival. Use the convenient web-fillable form.
  2. UPLOADING YOUR VIDEO. Maximum upload size is 2 gig. If your material exceeds 2 gig, please consider another video format or simply mail us a data DVD. Once your file size is correct, go to this link and do the following: Click a browse button, navigate to the file you wish to upload, and click Open. Note that although 5 files may be uploaded this way, it is actually more efficient to simply zip all your files into a single archive and upload that file. Also note that should you make a mistake, simply click the Reset Form button to start over. After you complete the file selection process, click the Upload File(s) button, and wait until you see a page called File Upload Results. Note that the File Upload Results page may take a long time to appear as the delay is entirely a function of your file size and network traffic. Once the page appears, enter your email address in the first box, leave the subject box as-is, and then enter in the second box. The last box is optional, and may be used to provide Chris with additional information concerning your material. Once complete, press the Send email button.
  3. Our goal is to receive videos with titling and stereo soundtracks that have sufficient quality to be viewed and heard in a large screen venue. Although epics are welcome, run times normally range from 3 to 7 minutes. However, this is simply a goal, and one shouldn’t opt out simply because you think your material misses the mark.
  4. If you don’t have a video - no problem - we will accept stills, and with your permission, will put together a montage. The same goes for other material that you wish to show, but haven’t found the time to render to video – we’re actually pretty creative and willing to work with you to create a short video, so please zip it up, send it, and we’ll see what we can conjure up (with your permission, of course).
  5. In our experience, we can handle all mainstream video formats and codecs, so simply use whatever is familiar to you. That said, keep an eye on file size, and therefore format/codec, if your goal is to get us your clip via file upload.
  6. Once completed, you can upload your video or zipped folder of material to us, or if you prefer, mail us the content on a data DVD.
  7. Most of all, have fun!


Examples of short descriptions to be read before playing your clip (please include with your submission but note that our MC reserves the right to improvise!):

“A simulated dodecane fluid gets caught between a rock and hard place, and does the only thing it knows how – it phase transitions, of course.”

“Carl Sagan once said, “Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.” That’s exactly where this little chlorine atom is going – nowhere!”


Mailing Address:
Chris Rouleau
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Chestnut Ridge, Bldg 8610, Room J-146
Oak Ridge, TN 37830-6488